The New World:As I said, it’s world of my words and feelings.Words are my best friends and I am able to describe my feeings in words. I need solitude and nature, when I write poems. A combination of these two and my words comes out as poems.

I, me, myself 🙂

Introduction to Kashish : I am a teenager, studying and a bibliophile, wanderlust soul, potterhead, like to write, Jackie Chan fan. A kind of dreamer and naughty girl between my friends and loved ones.I try that my words can make a influence on my dear viewers. No intension of hurting anyone’s feeling. Seeing and exploring world from a different view. Before some year if anyone would tell, ”Kashish writes poems, haiku”. It would be a pure fantacy but I met some of the people who inspired me, and this naughty soul tried her hand in writing, and the result is this blog.

Can you guess? …… It’s Tokyo Tower.

Yeah, this girl is a big fan (biggest)of Japan. It’s technology, discipline and haiku interests me. I fell in zing with this country many years back (2015) when I was 13. Then I started studying Japanese with my school studies and now have a dream of living in Japan. Ahhh! too big dream but is small for this world.

Other than writing, I dance well , paint,sketch and make fandom items on my own. Here is the pic from when I was in 1st class to 9th class. Big difference! right?

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